Billiards tournaments, whether on a neighbourhood club or national championship level, are perfect opportunities to show off your skills and prove yourself to be the best of the best.

Taking part in any kind of tournament requires that you understand every rule of the game, and billiards is no different.  While not a physically taxing game, billiards is mentally challenging, so it’s important to know what you’re getting into before signing up.

* Every player must understand the basic rules and regulations of billiards games.  Billiards tournaments should be treated as serious competitions, and you won’t be able to get away with claiming you don’t know the rules.

* Be comfortable in planning shots and strategies on your own.  Most billiards tournaments do not allow contestants to ask for assistance in the planning or execution of a specific shot.

* Make sure that your billiards equipment is regulation size and quality.   You don’t want to risk losing your opportunity to achieve local, regional, national or international billiards fame just because you were using a non-regulation cue.

* Don’t incorporate part of the equipment into a shot or shooting system. In other words, the billiards bridge must work with your cue and your hands # period.  In billiards tournaments, no player is allowed to use balls, chalk, cues or other additional equipment simply as a means to enhance a shot.

* Pay attention to which triangle is being used to rack the billiard balls on each billiards table.  For the tournament to be truly fair, the same triangle should be used on the same table for the duration of the contest.

* Don’t be late!  While not every tournament is the same, regulation matches require players to begin the games within 15 minutes of the start time, or they will be required to forfeit the match.

* If you lose a game, exit the playing area immediately.  In some billiards tournaments you’ll be disqualified from your next match for remaining in the playing area.

* Plan all shots and execute them in a timely fashion.  Some billiards tournaments will allow referees to impose time limits if a player is progressing too slowly.

* If play is suspended in your match of the billiards tournament, do not attempt a shot.  Doing so may cause you to be disqualified from the game.

There are rules of billiards, and rules of billiards tournaments.  Understand them all before you play and follow them while you play, and you’ll have a great time showcasing your skills and rising to the top.

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