Fun, sun, and surf.  Three words that sum up a vacation in California.  This popular hot spot has earned the reputation as one of the country’s best party spots, and a great place to satisfy your need for adventure.

A number of travel companies offer California adventure tours, taking thrill-seekers anywhere the action is.  These tours are available through package deals, often at reasonable prices to suit all sorts of travelers.  If you’re “California Dreaming”, consider booking an adventure tour.  Here are some details on several popular options:

Backcountry Found

If you want to take excitement to new heights, try a mountain or rock-climbing excursion with Backcountry Found.  This company provides California adventure tours that are a true escape from the hassles of everyday life.  You will be worlds away from your urban lifestyle, developing a new awareness of the natural world around you and a new respect for conservation.  At the same time, you’ll also find yourself on a journey of self-discovery.  Backcountry Found provides professional guides who will take you to some of the best rock climbing sites in America, including those located near their operation in San Francisco, California.

The World Outdoors

The name really does say it all!  This California adventure tour company caters to multi-sport adventures.  The World Outdoors originally pioneered their adventure tours concept in Colorado, and has since branched into California.  What began as a biking, hiking and rafting combo package has evolved into a full multi-sport adventure opportunity.

Those who have traveled with The World Outdoors claim to have discovered the beauty of nature from an entirely new perspective.  Adventurers enjoy hiking, biking, rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, snorkeling and horseback riding.  There are tours designed for amateurs and professionals alike, so everyone can take part in the adventure, regardless of their personal skill levels.  Professional instructors are on hand to guide the tours and provide assistance when needed.

The World Outdoors currently operates out of Wilderness Place in Boulder, Colorado.  You can find out more about these California adventure tours online at

Warner Springs Ranch

Located on Highway 79 in Warner Springs, California, this popular ranch offers a number of soaring and glider adventure tours in California and neighboring states.  Slip into a glider, and get ready for an adventure that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.  Don’t worry if you’re a little hesitant about gliding for the first time; your instructor is an FAA certified pilot who knows how to safely handle the craft, while giving you a birds-eye view of the most interesting points on your tour.  You’ll see Palomar Mountain, Native reservations and a number of secret retreats that can only be viewed from above.  This California adventure tour will certainly send your senses soaring.

These are just a few of the many companies that provide the ultimate California adventure tours.  To find out what else is available, ask your travel agent or look online.

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