Ballet just wouldn’t be the same without the beautiful music that accompanies it.  Piano ballet music is like a canvas that the dancers bring to life.

Every professional ballet instructor requires proper music to enhance and complete the training.  Fortunately there are thousands of CDs and digital files with piano ballet music available to purchase.  These CDs can be found in music stores and specialty shops around the world, and downloadable music is widespread online.  However, the average music store can find it puzzling and time consuming to choose the best music for ballet.  They would be wise to choose piano ballet music, as this is considered to be the best for ballet.

Piano ballet music is most often categorized as classical music.  Most of the musicians who develop and perform ballet music tend to incorporate classical themes into contemporary styles, making even modern pieces sound classical in nature.  Therefore, any piece of music can be reworked into the ideal tone for ballet dancing.

Some of the world’s top instrumentalists are known for their compositions of piano music.  Here is an introduction to just two of today’s most extraordinary musicians:

Josu Gallastegui

A well-respected musician with a passion for ballet music, Josu Gallastegui is known worldwide as one of the leading pianists for ballet trainings.  The impeccable musical judgment that he brings to ballet instruction makes him a man worthy of the accolades he receives.  Ballet teachers and dancers throughout Spain, and around the world acclaim the music of Gallastegui.  Josu Gallastegui has released more than ten piano ballet music CDs, all of them considered to be perfect for ballet training.  Included in his repertoire are the best-selling CDs “Curtain Call”, “My Turn”, “Pas De Basque” and “Piano Music for Ballet Class”.

Lisa Harris

Another of the world’s most highly regarded pianists is Lisa Harris.  A graduate of Ohio State University, Ms. Harris plays the piano for various ballet companies.  For her, playing the piano for dancers is one of her greatest passions, and she performs with strong commitment and dedication.  Lisa Harris has produced some of the world’s top selling piano ballet music CDs.  Thanks to her commitment to music, thousands of dancers across North America, Asia and Europe are performing ballet to her beautiful melodies.  Lisa Harris has recently released two CDs of her piano ballet music.  The set is a compilation of music that she had previously recorded for other releases.  This new package contains both original compositions and classical pieces that have been arranged to suit intermediate ballet classes.  Reviewers regard this new compilation as the ideal accompaniment to center and barre techniques.

Lisa Harris and Josu Gallastegui are just two of the many composers and musicians that create piano ballet music.  Without their contributions, modern ballet would not have the energy and vitality that makes it so extraordinary.

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